Since the release of the game, we have gathered the most frequent feedback and analyzed them to help you resolve your issues or answer your questions with Steelrising.

Although we hope that the FAQ can help you experience the game to its fullest, you can still report any other issue you encounter in-game by joining our Discord server. There is a dedicated channel for it.

So here are the most frequently asked questions for Steelrising:


1. “Steelrising crashes when I try to launch it”

Example: Failed to create the DirectX12 rendering device. Error code 0x800004002

We recommend making sure that you’ve updated your Windows and GPU drivers to the latest versions.


2. “The game stutters and its FPS is not stable”

In the Advanced Video Parameters menu, a Video memory (VRAM) counter is available at the top of your screen (just below the “Graphics Quality”). It makes it easier to understand which settings are impacting your Video memory depending on your GPU’s capability. Selecting options that would take more Video memory than what is available on your GPU will alter your game experience negatively.

Note: there is a large gap between ‘Ultra’ and ‘High’ within the Texture Quality settings, we’d recommend altering this first if you’re struggling to reach the recommended Video memory limit.


3. “I cannot run the game in native 4K resolution”

If your GPU can’t run Steelrising with enough FPS in native 4K resolution, please use one of the available upscalers (Upscaling Parameter). We have 2 upscalers available in-game, DLSS by Nvisia and FSR by AMD, both are cross-manufacturer compatible, so try both to see how that affects performance and framerate.


4. “Even with the upscalers, I have trouble reaching a decent framerate”

If you set your upscalers in “Quality” (DLSS) or “Ultra Quality” (FSR), then we suggest switching them to Balanced/Performance instead.

You can also lower the native resolution to 1080p if you were in 2K, or 720p if you were in 1080p.


5. “It takes forever to load a level in the game”

We strongly recommend installing the game on a SDD to improve loading times.


6. “I can’t save the game and have to start over every time I launch the game”

Windows Defender or third-party antivirus can sometimes be over-protective with applications trying to create files in your “Documents” folder, thus preventing the game from creating your saves in the folder.

We suggest following the steps in this link to solve this issue with Windows Defender.


7. My save always brings me back to the credits... How can I play the NG+ or DLC content?

When you’ve reached the end of the game, the save automatically brings you back to the credits.

When NG+ is available, your endgame save will be able to be converted to a NG+ save, so you can play the game again on a higher level difficulty.

When the DLC releases, a special save will be deployed so that your character is brought back to a previous position instead to be able to explore further and access the DLC content, should you own it. Else, a prompt will appear before traveling to the last level to warn you as you'll be locked out of any further actions after the endgame.


8. What Achievements does the Assist mode prevent me from obtaining?

Here is the list of the Achievements you won’t be able to obtain if you use the Assist mode: Grenadier, Cold-blooded, Collateral Damage, Finish Him, Titan Assassin, David vs Goliath, The Aegis, Musketeer, AoE Specialist, and Completionist.

Please note that the added outfits in the NG+ and DLC will not be accounted for with the “Fashion Victim” Achievement.


We hope that the FAQ can help you experience Steelrising to its fullest. Be part of the Revolution!