Webseries | Ep2 - Forging an Adventure

GreedFall, our latest RPG, offers the opportunity to forge the destiny of an uncharted world, when it releases September 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Spiders and Focus Home Interactive are today excited to show the second episode of their webseries, which explores the studio’s desire to build a true RPG into the DNA of GreedFall. This episode, Forging an Adventure, is available to watch now, showing the depth and goals of GreedFall’s RPG systems.

GreedFall is a fully-fledged RPG in every sense of the genre. A massive variety of character customisation in gear, spells, approach, and social skills are available. These are paired with myriad factions and characters, all with their own goals and agendas. Your companions will have their own thoughts on those, and bringing the wrong person with you on a particular adventure could have dire - and spectacular - consequences.

An in-depth crafting system gives control of how your character is geared to you. Customise every element of a weapon with its own look and stats, letting you mix and match a style for you taken from the many factions of the world. From hilt to grip, shoulder pad and pommel, tweak, explore and discover the best loot for you.

GreedFall releases 10 September 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are live now on Steam and at retailers. For more information, visit http://greedfall.com/shop